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What is PET?

PET is the most common thermoplastic polyester and was first known as fibe.  Goodyear introduced the first polyester tire fabric in 1962, and it last only in the late 1960s and early 1970s that polyesters were developed specifically for packaging, - film, sheet, coatings and bottles.

The basic sources of raw materials for PET resin production are crude oil and natural gas. PET is a condensation polymer derived from terephthalic acid (TPA) or dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG). Polymerization occurs by heating these systems, typically with an antimony catalyst, and removing either water or methanol.  The great acceptance of PET as a packaging material is due to its toughness, clarity, capability of being oriented, and reasonable cost, as well as the development of high-speed bottle-processing technology.  Compared to glass, PET containers are lightweight and shatter-resistance. They provide an acceptable barrier and they are considered as the most recycleable plastics abroad. PET is plastic number “1” based on the International Coding of Plastics.


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