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We have our own network to collect pet bottles and to process them to be used again for many purposes especialy for polyester fiber plants.

Pet bottles in bales
We collect directly from sources and delivery from our own warehouses. Available anytime, anywhere.
Pet bottles flakes
We also process pet bottles collected, or we get pet flakes flakes directly.
Other Pet Materials
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Plastic Identification / Recycling in brief

When working with plastics there is often a need to identify which particular plastic material has been used for a given product. Most consumers recognize the types of plastics by the numerical coding system created by the society of the plastics industry in the late 1980s. there are seven different types of plastic resins that are commonly used to package household products. the identification codes listed below can be found on the bottom of most plastic packaging.


  1. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
    Soda & water containers, some waterproof packaging, tennis balls.

  2. High-density polyethylene (PE)
    Milk, detergent & oil bottles. toys and plastic bags.

  3. Vinyl / polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
    Food wrap, vegetable oil bottles, blister packages.

  4. Low-density polyethylene
    Many plastic bags. shrink wrap, garment bags.

  5. Polypropylene
    Refrigerated containers, some bags, most bottle tops,
    some carpets, some food wrap, chairs (back/seats).

  6. Polystyrene
    Throwaway utensils, meat packing, protective packing.

  7. Other.
    Usually layered or mixed plastic. no recycling potential - must be landfilled.

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