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Empowering Community-Driven Recycling

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The tech partner for modern recyclers

Recyclers don't need to spend a significant amount on building technology infrastructure. What they need is a partner who can provide digital tools and technology to improve operations, reduce contamination risks, and boost profits.

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Online Presence

Reduce the risk of source contamination by providing access to recycling hubs, information, and guides.

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Digital Collection Manager

Enhance collection logistics with digital tools to improve streamlining, automation, and data analysis.

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Digital Incentive Manager

Boost engagement and profitability with tools for offering and redeeming incentives with customer-side mobile apps.



  • online business profile
  • CO2 impact estimator



  • online business profile
  • CO2 impact estimator
  • collection and incentive manager



  • online business profile
  • impact estimator
  • collections and incentive manager
  • data visualisation and reports


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Making our impact report easily accessible to our funders has significantly enhanced stakeholder engagement.

The Eco Threads Project

Our students have enhanced their waste separation habits, leading to a reduced environmental footprint, clearly reflected in tangible results.


Paying cash to every person we buy plastics from was tiring and took up a lot of time. Simplifying this process would open up several hours for more productivity.


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About Us

Our innovations at iRecycle.world and The EcoThreads Project have reduced collection inefficiencies and increased visibility into their environmental impact.

Our strategy, driven by data, utilises simple tools for data collection, cloud storage, and integrated calculators and visual aids to enhance the efficiency and clarity of sustainability initiatives.

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